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Let Humic Acid And Humic Acid Fertilizer Solve Soil Climate Change Problem!
Aug 22, 2017


Let humic acid from the soil back to the soil, using industrial humic acid and humic acid fertilizer to enrich soil, will increase the organic carbon content of soil and regulate soil climate change.

First, humic acid is an important member in the earth's carbon cycle, nowadays the soil, water, air, animals and plants, useful microorganisms and other environmental factors that human beings depend on can not avoid all kinds of humic substances.Therefore, it is an universal problem to use humic acid and humic acid fertilizer to solve the soil climate change problem.

Second, humic acid is the core of soil organic carbon, accounting for as much as 80% (2.4/3, trillions of tons). Research and practice have proved that the structure, function and property of industrial humic acid extracted from coal are basically the same as humic acid in soil. Therefore, it is feasible to use humic acid and humic acid fertilizer to promote soil organic carbon content. 

Third, humic acid is the best partner to improve the quality and efficiency of chemical fertilizer.When the humic acid is combined with large, medium, trace and beneficial elements, the optimum state can be reached. Under the condition of equal nutrients, the utilization ratio of humic acid fertilizer was 10 percentage points higher than that of conventional fertilizer, which was equivalent to a net increase of 30% - 40%. 60 years of production and application practice has proved that Humic acid fertilizer has the advantages such as carbon stabilization and carbon sequestration, the eco-environmental safety, stimulating crop growth, emission reduction, easy operation, quick results and sustainable. Therefore, using humic acid and humic acid fertilizer to feed the soil is more direct, fast, effective and safe.