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It Will Be Completely Different, When We Stir Organic Fertilizer And Fertilizer Together
Dec 14, 2017

We normally say there will be an excellent effect to match organic fertilizer with fertilizer! However it did not mean that we directly mix them together before use. It maybe easier to get clumps, be rapid decomposition and melting, cause volatile amino-group. So it can not be used.


Suggested as follows:


No matter machine spreading or artificial spreading, the best way is to mix them, then use them immediately.


It will appear the best effect to match biological fertilizer, fertilizer and organic fertilizer together.

However, in order to achieve the best fertilization effect, it is still necessary to observe the fertilization sequence strictly.


Organic fertilizer has a slow effect, generally it should be applied in advance as the throwaway base fertilizer. Youd better select the complete fermentation organic fertilizer. This throwaway base fertilizer may be a better effect than later top dressing.


Fertilizer has a quick effect, it can be applied as a base fertilizer about one week ahead of time, top-dressing should be applied in the critical period of crop nutrition or nutrition peak to be applied to meet their needs.


Biological fertilizer can play the bacteriostatic effect in the soil after a large number of breeding, it is necessary to be applied before planting, so that it has enough breeding time, it can not only be applied to soil together with organic fertilizer, but also be used before planting Or as hole facilities during planting.