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Humic Acid - Sixty Years, Glory The Great Hall Of The People!
Aug 07, 2017

Recently, the commemoration of China's humic acid environment-friendly industry development 60 years and the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the China Humic Acid Industry Association was held in the Beijing Great Hall of the press conference hall.

Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress Gu Xiulian, Special Representative of China Climate Change Affairs, Deputy Director of National Development and Reform Commission Xie Zhenhua, Vice Chairman of the 10th National People's Congress, former Vice Minister of Ministry of Agriculture, Honorary Chairman of China Humic Acid Industry Association, Li Shousheng, President of the Federation of Petroleum and Chemical Industry, Director of the Department of Plantation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Zeng Yande, Director of the National Center for Cultivated Land Quality Monitoring, Cui Gang, Deputy Director of the National Standardization Management Committee, Guo Jianwei, Governor of the Urumqi Provincial People's Bank of China, Chairman of the China National Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, vice chairman of the China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association Gu Zongqin, director of the Beijing Tongren Hospital Humic Acid Medicine Research Office, director of the Beijing Diabetes Control Office Yuan Shenyuan and other leaders and guests, as well as from the relevant research Institutions, industry associations, research institutes, universities, related enterprises and other representatives of the country humic acid industry representatives nearly 300 people attended the meeting.


Lu Ming said that China's research and development of humic acid began in 1957, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Coal Research Institute carried out the basic research of coal humic acid, since then open the China's scientific use of humic acid journey. A remarkable achievements has made in the just 60 years. Among all the achievements, Humic acid industry is the most closely related to agriculture, it is completely in line with China's national conditions. Hope the association will lead the whole industry to continue with the theme of humic acid fertilizer greenization, to build a "soil and fertilizer harmony" as the goal, and constantly deepen the reform and enhance the level of industrial technology, cultivate industrial innovation model, "humic acid +" integrated large and medium micronutrient elements, In the zero growth of chemical fertilizer action to continue to play the role of vanguard, in order to maintain pastoral health, food safety, to create "Lake forest lake" life community to make greater contributions. 

Li Shousheng pointed out in his speech, 60 years, humic acid with its natural environmental protection of natural properties, safe and reliable use of value. As Green Angel in the first, second and third industries, silently make their own historical contributions. And embody the environmental concerns of Repair the soil, purify the water, improve the climate; in ensuring the safety of food production in the production of its people's livelihood; in large agriculture, large industry, the development of its catalytic services. Today, engaged in humic acid research and development of scientific research institutions, enterprises should be more confident, and actively expand the humic acid green industry, expand the industrial scale, continue to humic acid product technology innovation, and strive to make humic acid in economic development, resource conservation and Greater contribution in environmental protection. American philosopher Emerson once said: a person who is moving towards the goal, the world will give him way! Humic acid industry goals ambitious, the pace of advance is firm and persistent, I believe that the future of humic acid will be more and more broad, more and more strong, more and more full of vitality!