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Humic Acid Should Play The Role Of Main Force And Vanguard Of The Country In Saline-alkali Soil Treatment!
Sep 11, 2017


On August 18th, 2017, Zeng Xiancheng honorary president commissioned with the new vice president of the Association, the Ministry of Agriculture cultivated land quality monitoring and protection center director Li Rong had a deep communication about humic acid and cultivated land quality protection and other special work. And several important work results have been achieved. 

1. Humic acid fertilizer pH value and acid and alkali buffer test study obtained a quite good achievement. Recently, the national 12 ministerial-level testing center has completed 37 humic acid raw materials and fertilizer testing work, samples are now being processed for data analysis, the next stage pot experiment will be carried out simultaneously. This basic work will absorb the views of the parties to further deepen the research. 

2. Humic acid agriculture-related enterprises should take the initiative to participate in the implementation of the national plan of Inner Mongolia 10 million mu of Salt - alkali land treatment project. According to the approval of Premier Li Keqiang, the state will invest 13.7 billion yuan to carry out Inner Mongolia Bayannaoer Erdaos and 10 million mu of Salt - alkali land management, which will drive hundreds of billions yuan of social funds. In this regard, the two leaders of the association thoroughly discussed the three humic acid treatment technology, agreed that humic acid should be saline-alkali land amelioration of the national team, vanguard, the main team. (To be continue)