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Why Does Foliar Spraying With Humic Acid Have Good Effect?
Feb 09, 2018

1. The ability of plant leaves to absorb nutrients is also very strong

There are two ways to absorb nutrients in crops: root fertilization and foliage. Plant absorption of nutrients is generally from the stratum corneum and pores into the plant tissue organs, and finally into the cell through the membrane. The process is similar with root absorption of nutrients.


2. Humic acid can promote the growth and development of plants

The effect of humic acid on plant growth is not caused by which one or several functional groups, but by the coordination function of functional groups as a whole molecule. Humic acid also contains Gibberellin, naphthalene acetic acid, salicylic acid and other typical plant growth regulator. Humic acid has obvious crop yield effect, ant it also can improve the resistance of crops.

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Reproduced from: Humic acid