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Humic Acid Organic?
Jun 26, 2017

Humic acid organic fertilizer is a kind of new materials fertilizer which contains humic acid substances, is also a multi-functional organic, inorganic compound fertilizer. It used as basal fertilizer, seed fertilizer, top dressing. And soaking, dipping the root, foliar spraying also have yield effect.


In recent years, a large number of research and application of humic acid organic fertilizers have been carried out in various parts of China, it indicated the effect of humic acid organic fertilizer on agricultural production. It is a versatile organic, inorganic compound fertilizer, also a good soil structure improver, and has to stimulate the growth of plants and fruit.


Humic acid organic fertilizer can increase fertilizer efficiency, can eliminate the excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer or harmful effects caused by improper method of application, so that make efficiency of inorganic nitrogen fertilizer from "storm, fierce, short" into "slow, stable, long".