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Promote The Way Of Humic Acid Fertilizer To Agriculture Sustainable Development
Dec 18, 2017

Modern agriculture has moved in the direction of high yield, high quality, high efficiency and pollution-free. Development of new fertilizers is one of the indispensable conditions for the development of modern agriculture.


Humic acid fertilizer has the function of improving soil, improving fertilizer efficiency, regulating crop growth, improving crop stress resistance and improving crop quality. This provides a scientific basis and new ideas for the development of humic acid-based green fertilizers, and promoted products such as humic acid compound fertilizers, humic acid special fertilizers, humic acid trace element fertilizers, humic acid liquid fertilizers and humic acid crop growth regulators Has provided a practical way for China to develop organic-inorganic fertilizer varieties and has become the mainstream of the development of China's green fertilizers. First of all, humic acid itself is part of the soil organic matter, the use of such fertilizers on the soil without any pollution; Second, the addition of humic acid fertilizer, reducing the amount of fertilizer, improve fertilizer efficiency and reduce agricultural costs. In addition, humic acid can also degrade pesticide residues in soil, adsorb heavy metals and eliminate or reduce soil pollution.


Humic acid fertilizers can obviously stimulate the occurrence and elongation of crop roots, increase the absorption range and absorption intensity of the root system, thereby improving crop resistance, cold resistance, reducing pesticide use and other inputs, is the current development of green, safe, the preferred fertilizer for healthy food. Humic acid green fertilizer development prospects, promote the use of humic acid fertilizer. It will maintain the sustainable development of agriculture, and promote the development of fertilization technology in China. 

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