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Humic Acid Is A Good Adjuvant For Pesticides
Sep 27, 2018

Humic acid is a good adjuvant for pesticides

As a good adjuvant for pesticides, humic acid foliar fertilizer is mainly reflected in the following aspects:


(1) Humic acid is composed of complex organic compounds. It contains many hydrophilic and lipophilic groups. It has the function of surfactant. Mixing with pesticides, humic acid can effectively disperse and emulsify pesticides, thereby improving the activity of pesticides and increasing the efficacy of pesticides.

(2) Humic acid has a large specific surface area, and has a strong adsorption on organic-inorganic substances. When it is compatible with pesticides, some complexes will be formed, thus slowing the release of the drug effect.

(3) Humic acid molecular functional groups contain amino and S-groups, which can reduce the toxic effects of pesticides on human and livestock, and thus to a certain extent improve the safety of pesticides after application.

(4) Highly active fulvic acid has solubilization and synergistic effect on pesticides, so it can reduce the use of pesticides to a certain extent, thereby reducing the transfer of pesticides in the food chain and the residue in the environment.

(5) Humic acid also helps to degrade pesticide residues in the soil. Humic acid promotes the propagation of microorganisms in the soil, and microorganisms can effectively degrade pesticide residues in the soil. Therefore, the application of humic acid can effectively reduce the pollution of pesticides residues to the environment, reduce the entry of pesticides into the food chain, thereby reducing the pesticide accumulation in plants and animals. Product. In addition, humic acids themselves have similar functions as pesticides.