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Humic Acid Functional Fertilizer Application On Rice
Aug 17, 2017

It is very important to select suitable nitrogen fertilizer in rice by humic acid urea.


The humus urea had a tendency to decrease the rice plant height under the condition of suitable nitrogen and low nitrogen content, but the difference was not significant. The low rice plant can improve the lodging resistance of rice and provide the conditions for the stable production of rice. The panicle length of rice under the same amount of nitrogen was not obvious under different nitrogen treatments.

Nitrogen fertilization can significantly increase rice yield. In low nitrogen application, three times fertilization can increase crop yield, but increase the artificial cost of fertilization. Therefore, the humic acid urea can significantly increase rice yield under the suitable nitrogen application conditions.

In common urea treatment, the amount of nitrogen absorbed by straw increased with the increase of nitrogen fertilizer. However, there was no increase of nitrogen uptake by humic acid urea in high nitrogen application rate, but decreased. The increase of soluble nitrogen content in plants can reduce the ability of resistance to pests and disease and lodging resistance in rice.

Under the condition of recommending nitrogen amount and low nitrogen application, the concentration of ammonium nitrogen in the field surface of humic acid urea was obviously kept relatively low, which reduced the risk of nitrogen to the atmosphere and water, and had better environmental benefit.

Reproduced from: Humic Acid