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Humic Acid Can Improve The Efficacy Of Pesticide
Jan 24, 2018

There are two main aspects of the effects of humic acid on pesticide, one is on pesticide efficacy, and the other one is on pesticide residue and degradation.One of the important effects on the efficacy of the pesticide is that humic acid can improve the efficiency of pesticide prevention and control,the other one is to promote the release of pesticides and improve the quick-acting.There are many mechanisms to improve the efficacy. The first is that humic acid increases membrane permeability of plant cells, accelerates the conduction of medicament in plants and enhances the sensitivity of drug target enzymes, thereby improving the quick-acting effect and prevention and control efficiency;It is also possible that the functional groups of humic acid activate the active groups of pesticides;At the same time, humic acid and pesticides can form a humic acid-pesticide complex system, so that the speed of pesticide release can be effectively controlled, the decomposition rate of pesticides can be reduced, and the stability and slow release of pesticides will be improved.


At present, the application of humic acid in agriculture is humic acid fertilizer, pesticide, plastic film, soil amendment, drought resistant agent and humic acid seedling matrix. The most closely integrated with plant protection is humic acid pesticide. It has the function of preventing and controlling diseases and insect pests, and it also stimulates the growth of crops. However, as an important direction of plant protection, the research of bio pesticide on compatibility with humic acid is currently less. However, from the existing studies, humic acid has a good role in promoting biological pesticides. In the next study, the research on the mechanism of humic acid and pesticides, plants and soil can be strengthened to promote the development of humic acid products.


While strengthening the development of humic acid, pesticides, humic acid growth regulators and other products,to explore the application of humic acid in plant protection on the new formulations and to increase compatibility of humic acid and biological pesticide research progress, will make the multiple functions of humic acid play a more comprehensive role in the field of plant protection, and bring a gospel for green agriculture and healthy ecological environment.