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Humic Acid Contributes to Increase Crops Stress Resistance
Mar 22, 2018

Based on the previous application of humic acid fertilizer in the field:


1) Humic acid fertilizer itself is black, so, through the application of this fertilizers, the color of soil can be even deeper and increase the absorption of sunlight, which finally improve the ground temperature. 

Humic acid 12.jpg

2) Humic acid can promote the development of crop roots, enhance the absorption ability of roots to nutrients, and improve the resistance of plants to low temperature.


3) The use of humic acids in the 10 days before and after the cold weather can improve the ability of crops antifreeze and repairing. If it is foliar spraying, the cold resistance and antifreeze effect will be more direct and effective.


In the face of low temperature and coldness to agriculture, humic acid-related enterprises should actively have and develop more products with antifreeze ability, directly into the front-line, through close integration with local agricultural technology personnel, to provide growers with humic acid products, to solve the urgent needs of crops’ cold resistance.