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How To Use Humic Acid To Maximize Its Utility?
Nov 15, 2017

 What’s the reason? And how to use humic acid to play its greatest utility?


1. Low dosage and high frequency. Two kilos each time and four times in a row better than 10 kilos at a time.


2. Combination water flush and spraying, the synergy is more obvious.


3. Should have known crops response, humic acid is most effective on rhizome crops, so the experiment should be widely promoted in radish, potato, sweet potato,etc; then some melons of large leaves and wheat, rice. Effect is not obvious on oilseed rape, castor-oil plant and other oil crops (there are little of effect, but difficult to judge by naked eyes ).


4. There is a lot of humus in the soil. Under good soil condition, the effective of humic acid is not obvious. Therefore, humic acid usually to provide timely help, not make soil efficiency even better. Apply 1 kg of humic acid into problem soil will get better effect than used 5kg of humic acid to normal soil!


Finally, one more words: Humic acid is the highest organic matter content, the best correlation effect of "natural accumulation" organic fertilizer, it is not only the soil improver, but also synergistic slow release agent, the combination of humic acid and chemical fertilizers can achieve the integrated effect of 1 + 1> 2, this is also the specific effect that any fertilizer can not have.