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How To Supplement The Carbon In The Soil?
Nov 27, 2018


                                                                        How to supplement the carbon in the soil?                               


The harm caused by carbon deficiency to crops:

1. Root weakness

Soils lacking carbon have poor water content, and various fertilizer solutions cannot be absorbed by roots, resulting in insufficient nutrient for root growth.


2. Premature aging of crops

If the roots do not absorb the effective carbon, the photosynthetic energy of the leaves alone converts carbon dioxide, and the conversion energy required is very large. Many times this conversion is carried out by consuming the internal energy of the crop, which can easily lead to premature aging of the crop.

To replenish enough carbon in the soil, it is necessary to use a large amount of organic fertilizer continuously. Because organic fertilizer is a slow-acting fertilizer, it must be decomposed by soil microorganisms for a long time to gradually release water-soluble carbon.