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How To Manage Acidic Soil?
Dec 15, 2017

Soil acidification is more serious in the world, and the rate of acidification is accelerating. The serious areas of soil acidification are basically cash crop areas, which seriously affects farmersincome. In addition, soil-borne pests and diseases are rampant, and the resistance of pests and diseases is obviously enhanced. Also, in the soil acidification region, agricultural products excessive heavy metal phenomenon occurs frequently, which affecting food safety issues badly.

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Soil acidification is a series of changes in the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil structure, which destroys the balance. The original reason that causes acidification is the lack of organic carbon. First, do not apply too much nitrogen fertilizer. Use organic fertilizer and quicklime to optimize acidic soils. Second, the salt ions should be returned to the soil. Do not allow it to be too much removed from the soil system. Last, there is the need to improve the farming system to achieve rotation.