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How To Choose Humic Acid And Fulvic Acid?
Jul 04, 2017

What is humic acid or fulvic acid?

In Chinese Encyclopaedia, the humus compositions are classified into humic acid, fulvic acid and hu minsu according to the solubility. Humic acid is soluble in alkali solution but not soluble in dilute acid solution, fulvic acid is soluble in dilute acid and soluble in alkaline solution, hu minsu is not soluble in both solution.


Is the water-insoluble humic acid a fake humic acid?

Strictly speaking, humic acid is only soluble in alkaline solution, The common water-soluble humic acids on the market are humic acid and fulvic acid.

As the humic acid is soluble in alkaline solution but insoluble in water, so we add humic acid raw material to react with alkali.

Fulvic acid is not only soluble in acid and alkali solution, but also soluble in water. Moreover, fulvic acid is smaller than humic acid and is easier to be absorbed. Therefore, fulvic acid is usually used as the raw material in high-end water soluble fertilizer.


How to choose humic acid and fulvic acid?

If we want to use humic acid as fertilizer, we can choose humic acid salts, such as potassium humate or ammonium humate, or use fulvic acid products according to different periods;

If the economic value of crops is relatively high, we can choose fulvic acid products which have better absorption effect. For example, in the swelling period of melon and fruit crops, we should use fulvic acid potassium.