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How To Apply Organic Fertilizer To Pineapple
Dec 14, 2017

How to apply organic fertilizer to pineapple


Pineapple was originally produced in tropical South America Brazil. It has strong adaptability to environment, but it is more suitable for warm and humid climate, and suitable for rich and loose soil with deep layers and organic matter content of more than 2%. Pineapple is a perennial herb. It has no dormant period, and its annual growth is a kind of fruit with high benefit. The growth process of pineapple need more nitrogen and potassium, and some calcium. After harvest, proper fertilizer must be given to ensure the stability of the output.


Enough fertilizer must be applied during pineapple planting with topdressing three times a year.


The first top-dressing is around January in order to promote the bud,  apply 2--3 kg organic fertilizer.


The second top dressing is April- May sprouting period, apply 3 - 5 kg fertilizer.

The third top-dressing is strong budding period, apply 5-8kg in July- August after harvest to restore the tree vigor, improve leaf function and promote flower bud differentiation. But in the two months before flower bud induction, fertilization must be suspended, otherwise it will delay flowering.