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How Important Is Humic Acid?
Jul 19, 2017

There is a kind of fertilizer, which is the slow-release agent of nitrogen fertilizer, synergist of phosphate fertilizer, protective agent of potassium fertilizer and chelating agent of trace elements. It is humic acid fertilizer.

Humic acid itself contains several elements for plant growth such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, at the same time it can improve the utilization rate of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, so humic acid has a very significant effect on increasing crop yield.

The application of humic acid fertilizer and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer compared with the application of chemical fertilizer: the yield of grain crops are increased by 8% to 20%, and the yield of fruits, vegetables and cash crops are increased by 15% to 35%. Therefore, humic acid is a good helper for farmers in agricultural production. How much do you know about humic acid fertilizer?

The benefit of humic acid: 

Direct action:

Promote plant growth and increase crop yield.

Indirect action: 

①Physical action

A ,Improve soil structure.

B, Prevent soil cracking and erosion.

C, Increase soil water holding capacity and improve cold resistance.

D, Darkening the soil color which is beneficial to solar energy absorption.

②Chemical action

A, Adjust soil pH value.

B ,Improve and optimize the absorption of nutrients and water by plants.

C, Increase soil buffering capacity.

D,It can be a natural chelating agent (chelated with metal ions, which is absorbed by plants) under alkaline conditions.

E,It is rich in organic matter and minerals necessary for plant growth.

F, Increase the solubility of organic fertilizer and reduce the loss of fertilizer.

G,Make the transformation of nutrient elements into plants that are easily absorbed by plants.

H, Enhance the plant uptake of nitrogen, reduce the fixation of phosphorus in soil, protect and keep the depth of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium and other elements in soil, and accelerate the process of nutrient elements into the plant, improve the application effect of inorganic fertilizer.Therefore, humic acid is the storehouse of plant nutrient elements and physiological active substances.

③Biological action

A ,Stimulate the growth and reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

B, improve plant natural resistance to disease and insect resistance.