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How Does Seaweed Fertilizer Improve Soil Condition?
Nov 22, 2018

How Does seaweed Fertilizer Improve Soil Condition


Seaweed fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer which is processed by the production of brown algae or adding a certain amount of NPK and the trace Elements. 

Some researches show that seaweed fertilizer is rich in polysaccharide acid glycosides, such as alginate (chelating and hydrophilic properties of such active substances), can improve the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil, thereby improving the water retention capacity of soil, promoting the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the Rhizosphere.

Seaweed acid salt can react with metal ions in soil to form high molecular weight complexes, to improve soil aggregate structure, and thus help to maintain soil moisture and good soil ventilation. The environment stimulates the growth of crop roots and Rhizosphere microorganisms.