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How Can Amino Acid Foliar Fertilizer Be Absorbed By Crops Quickly?
Jan 14, 2019

As we all know that, foliar fertilizer is sprayed on the leaf surface. It is composed of leaves, petioles and stipules. There are epidermal cells, stomata and mesophyll tissue in the leaves. Plants breathe through the stomata of the leaves and absorb nutrients. This is how foliar fertilizer is absorbed by plants.


When crops suffer from waterlogging and drought, the absorption of nutrients is insufficient. At this time, fertilization of roots needs to be applied in the soil, which can be absorbed by roots only after transformation, and the upward transport of roots can act on leaves. The effect is relatively slow. The direct application of amino acid foliar fertilizer can quickly supplement the nutritional requirements of plants, and improve the efficiency and utilization ratio of fertilizer. Root fertilization leads to some medium and trace elements, which are easily fixed by the soil. Some of the roots of the plants are deeper and not easy to get wet. Amino acid foliar fertilizer is a good solution to this problem. It is known that foliar spraying of amino acid fertilizer can improve the absorption and utilization ratio by eight times than root application. Thus, amino acid foliar fertilizer is indispensable.

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