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Hebei: Chemical Fertilizer And Pesticide Usage Amount Achieved Negative Growth!
Jul 20, 2017


In the past two years, Hebei adhere to the green development concept, vigorously promote organic fertilizer instead of fertilizer, in-depth implementation of chemical fertilizer pesticide reduction efficiency action. In 2016, the province's fertilizer use (pure) 3.3178 million tons, compared with 2015 to reduce the 37,700 tons, down 1.1%; pesticide total usage 40.47 thousand tons, compared with 2015 to reduce 910 tons, down 2.2%. Fertilizer and pesticide usage negative growth came true.

Actively promote organic fertilizer instead of fertilizer. Hebei organic fertilizer resources total 170 million tons, in order to strengthen the use of agricultural waste resources, Hebei multi-channel diversification of organic fertilizer instead of fertilizer. In nine large breeding counties to carry out livestock and poultry manure utilization pilot, in 7,666 farms equipped with fecal sewage treatment facilities, with a proportion of 70.1%, to achieve livestock and poultry farming fecal fertilizer, energy use. The results showed that the ratio of straw to field was 98% and 47.4%, respectively. Speed up the development of organic fertilizer industry, and actively encourage large-scale farms with the construction of organic fertilizer plant, the province's organic fertilizer production enterprises to 320, more than 60 bio-fertilizer enterprises, the production of organic fertilizer more than 10 million tons. Focus on the promotion of "vegetables - marsh - pig" "organic fertilizer + formula fertilizer" "organic fertilizer + water and fertilizer integration" and other organic fertilizer alternative technology, the establishment of organic fertilizer alternative core demonstration area 24, less than 20% of fertilize.