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For Haze And Agricultural Source Research ,we Must Grasp The Fundamental Point
Sep 12, 2017

During the NPC &CPPCC this year, Premier Li Keqiang put forward that we must set up special funds for haze, organize outstanding scientists related disciplines to focus on tackling haze formation mechanism and governance. On 1st September, the state has set up a special project on the causes and control of heavy pollution in the air, which has been published on the official website of the Ministry of environmental protection( ).

According to publicity documents, the project is divided into four major topics. The first one is the causes and sources of heavy air pollution in Beijing, Tianjin ,Hebei and surrounding areas. The second one is emission status assessment and strengthen control technology. The third one is comprehensive scientific decision support for air pollution control.

The fourth one is effects of air pollution on human health in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and surrounding areas. Among them, agricultural sources and metallurgy, building materials, VOCs .etc key industries, "scattered dirt", coal use, diesel engine and other tied for the topic two of the key research areas.

About haze, about agriculture, about the soil, certainly all can not do without the atmospheric carbon cycle. That's why the most important part of the Earth's carbon cycle is humic acid,everyone needs it.For Haze and agricultural source researchwe must grasp the fundamental point.