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Encouragement Policies On Organic Fertilizer Application
Dec 19, 2017

The Ministry of agriculture worked together with relevant departments to formulate policies and measures for the promotion and application of organic fertilizer.


The first one is the implementation of financial subsidies.In combination with the implementation of soil testing and formula fertilization, the protection and quality of cultivated land enhancement, and pilot projects on the protection and utilization of black soil in northeast China, the Ministry of Agriculture adopted the mode of materialized subsidies to support farmers in increasing the application amount of organic fertilizers, straw returning to fields and planting green manures.


The financial department of Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other provinces (cities) have also arranged special funds to guide farmers to buy and apply commodity organic fertilizer. The standard of subsidies per ton is 150 - 480 yuan.The second one is the government purchase service.In some places in Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Hunan and Guangdong provinces, government-sponsored enterprises or social service organizations are involved in the purchase of services from organic fertilizer production enterprises, large-scale farms and social service organizations to transport organic fertilizer, apply organic fertilizer to the field, at the same time form a diversified, market-oriented organic fertilizer production and application service model.


The third one is the introduction of preferential tax policy. At present, the state has exempted VAT on production, sale, wholesale and retail organic fertilizer products. In the meantime, in the aspect of income tax policy, in order to encourage enterprises to research and develop new products, new technologies and technological innovations, the Company will implement such policies as the total deduction of R & D expenses and the accelerated depreciation of fixed assets.


Next ,in combination with the implementation of cultivated land protection and quality improvement ,the pilot projects on the replacement of chemical fertilizer by organic fertilizer for fruit ,vegetables and tea and the protection and utilization of black soil in northeast China,the Ministry of agriculture will work with relevant departments to implement the "Program for the Reform of Agricultural Subsidy System Guided by Green Ecology",strengthen the support of policy and the promotion of technology integration, encourage farmers to increase the application amount of organic fertilizer and promote the green development of agriculture.At the same time, we will push forward the construction of "Internet + agricultural resources" and reduce the intermediate links in sales of agricultural products such as organic fertilizers to provide farmers quality, convenient and efficient services.


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