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Effects Of Amino Acids On Crops Development
Mar 21, 2018

The main effects of amino acids on crop development are as follows:


1. Early germination & high seedling rate

The application of amino acid and humic acid can accelerate seed germination and raise seedling rate, especially in early spring and under low temperature (usually it can germinate 1-3 days earlier and seedling rate increase by 10~30%).

Amino Acid L.jpg

2. Well-developed roots and strong absorption capacity

Amino acids play a special role in the root development of crops, and many agricultural personnel call them "root fertilizers". The effect on root system is mainly to stimulate the division and growth of root meristem cells so that the seedling root is growing fast, the secondary root increases, the total root increases, root elongation, and eventually the ability of the crops to absorb water and nutrients is greatly enhanced.


3.Effects on the growth of some nutrients on the ground

On the basis of sufficient supply of nutrients, the stimulation of amino acids can make the vegetative parts of the plant grow vigorously, manifested in the plant height, stem diameter, leaf number and dry matter accumulation.


4. Impact on yield and component factors

Amino acids have different effects on the yield and composition factors of different crops. It contributes to spikes and more grains of grain crops; it contributes to the early tillering and reducing the empty blighted rate.