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Effect Of Organic Matter In Soil
Jan 08, 2018

Soil organic matter plays an important role in high quality and efficient production of fruit trees. High content of organic matter is one of the important signs of orchard quality. The content of soil organic matter in fruits with high and stable yield should be more than 2%. The lack of organic matter is the main factor affecting the yield, stability and quality of fruit trees.

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Some effects of organic matter in soil:

I. Provide nutrients needed for fruit trees

Soil organic matter contains all kinds of nutrients needed for fruit trees such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Soil organic matter in the decomposition process also produces a variety of organic acids (including humus itself), the soil mineral parts have ability to dissolve and promote mineral weathering and conducive to the effectiveness of some nutrients.


II. Strengthen the ability of soil water retention and fertilizer conservation

The water absorption rate of humus is about 10 times times that of clay, which can greatly improve the water retention ability of soil.


III. Promote the formation of soil aggregate structure

The humus produced by the decomposition of organic matter is mainly wrapped in the appearance of mineral soil grains, the bonding force is stronger than that of sand grains, and humus can increase the adhesion of soil and the formation of aggregate structure.