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The Ministry Of Agriculture And Finance: About 2017 Year Of Support To Improve The Quality Of Cultivated Land, Substitution Of Organic Fertilizer Subsidy Funds To Concrete Implementation
Jun 23, 2017

Agricultural Resources and ecological protection in subsidies is used in quality improvement for land, protecting fishing resources, granting awarded for grassland ecological protection. The implementation plan raising land quality is main topic.

First is cultivated land protection and quality improvement. According to the different types of soils and cropping systems, choosing the key county build a group of quality improvement and reduction of fertilizer efficiency demonstration zones, supporting farmer and new subjects of agricultural management to improve quality and the technology with the reduction of fertilizer. The way of purchasing by goverment rely on social service to develope soil fertilizing and scientific fertilize. The basic work will be support to continue to soil testing, field fertilizer experiment, fertilizer formulations formulation and guidance, co-ordination carry out monitoring and evaluation of farmland quality investigation and development and Application of formula fertilization by soil testing data

Second is protection and utilization of black soil. The implementation is continue to carry out in key county in Northeast China, pushing forward districts and county. The methods of purchasing services and physical benefits, supporting the control of soil erosion, increasing soil organic matter content and the evaluation of cultivated land quality monitoring is adoptede by goverment. Encourage and support the implementation of new subjects of agricultural carry out tasks.

Third is comprehensive utilization of crop straw. Provinces continued in the overall production of crops Straw comprehensive utilization of crop straw pilot, the implementation of the whole county advance, all localities should combine local conditions, give high priority to agricultural and multiple uiltilize. The central government take supplement award for appropriate ways to support continuation of the performance evaluation, and according to the results of performance evaluation in subsidies have increased poverty. Pilot regions according to local conditions, to explore the establishment of " who benefits and who deal with " a " straw for organic fertilizer " and other mechanisms, through nurturing environment, government policy guidance, and stimulate the processing and utilization of straw from the field.