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China Will Reduce Use Of Chemical Fertilizers And Move To Organic Fertilizers!!!
Jul 26, 2017

"With rising awareness of health, the environment and food safety among Chinese consumers, the nation's organic industry has seen rapid development, both in terms of output and sales,” the administration said in a statement.


China's standards for organic certification are in line with international standards and are among the "strictest in the world”, according to the Certification and Accreditation Administration.

As in other countries, organic production in China follows the principle of not using synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or genetic-modification technologies, instead of using organic fertilizer such as potassium humate, fulvic acid, amino acid and seaweed extract fertilizer

China will make more efforts to upgrade its agriculture by means such as developing green and environmentally friendly farming, a major task is to reduce environmental pollution caused by agricultural development, and the ministry is promoting organic fertilizer in some parts of China, hoping to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers for fruits, vegetables and tea farming by more than 50 percent by 2020.

(News from China Daily)