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China Humic Acid Industry Association And Xinjiang Three Cities Signed Humic Acid Green Financial Project
Aug 30, 2017


On August 20th, 2017,"Xinjiang green finance reform and pilot zone construction docking meeting" was held in Beijing state Friendship Hotel by Xinjiang green finance reform and innovation pilot work leading group office.

The honorary president Ceng Xiancheng put forward some feasible views on the three cities docking project.

Karamay city has five million acres of saline alkali land at present.We intend to adopt the combination of "traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine" to cure the disease so as to coincide with the "descent" of the soil and rebuild a new ecological oasis.For this reason, humic acid technology and products can be introduced to form a whole transformation plan. It is reported that the state will invest RMB 13 billion 700 million to carry out Inner Mongolia, Bayannaoer and Ordos 10 million acres of saline land governance. Karamay city may apply to the state for project approval in accordance with the Inner Mongolia project model.

②Hami city has produced humic acid drought resistant agent at early stage. It is an efficient, water-saving and drought resistant humic acid product. It plays an important role in drought resisting and increasing production in Northwest China. It has created great economic and social benefits for China's agriculture for decades. According to the needs of agricultural supply side reforms, we intend to establish a new green agricultural humic acid system in Hami city, through the "HA +", with fertilizer, pesticide, plastic film and a series of ecological products, to provide the safety of green agricultural products for "The Belt and Road" 7 countries, so as to promote the sustainable the development of agriculture in China and neighboring countries. 

There are at least more than 40 humic acid enterprises in Changji, but they are small in scale and backward in technology. According to the existing 55 types of humic acid products in China, a safe and sustainable green industrial system ca be established by combination of research and leading the domestic advanced technology to carry out the overall transformation of the region of humic acid industry. 

During the meeting, the organizers held the signing ceremony for five tanks and three cities, president Zeng representative association signed the strategic cooperation intention agreement with the leaders of Hami, Changji and Karamay municipal government respectively.It marked that humic acid green finance project will be kicked off in Xinjiang.