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What Principles Should Be Paid Attention To When Choosing Organic Fertilizer?
Nov 14, 2017

1. Pay attention to the mutrient of compound fertilizer and notice the raw material of organic fertilizer.

For organic fertilizer, the effect and the raw materials has a very close relationship. For example, humic acid organic fertilizer has certain improvement to soil and root system, but some organic fertilizer uses city sludge and paper factory waste as raw material, which heavy metal content is high. If the situation did not be handled properly, it will cause the crop man-made pollution, and then affect yield.


2. The effect of organic fertilizer is better after the composting

Although the organic matter content of lignin raw material is high, it is very difficult to decompose the lignin in the soi. So the effect of the lignin fertilizer is not very significant.


3. Choose the right organic fertilizer according to the situation

When growing vegetable crops, such as melons and tomatoes, do not use organic fertilizer simply. Manure and commodity organic fertilizers can be invested at a rate of 1:1 per cent, and the addition of beneficial microorganisms is also critical when crop rotation.