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Applying Organic Fertilizer Can Improve saline-alkali soil!
Sep 05, 2017


Saline-alkali soil refers that the salt contained in the soil has already affected the normal growth of the crop. The formation of alkaline soil and alkalization soil in China is mostly related to the accumulation of carbonate in soil. Therefore the alkalinity is generally high,and the plants in the saline alkali soil region can hardly survive.

Generally saline-alkali soil has the characteristics of low temperature, weak soil and poor structure. Organic fertilizers are transformed into humus through microbial decomposition, which can improve the buffering capacity of the soil, and can form humate reacting with carbonate to reduce soil alkalinity. Humate can also stimulate crop growth and enhance salt resistance. Humus can promote the formation of crumb structure, thus increase porosity and permeability, and it is beneficial to salt leaching and inhibiting salt return. The organic matter produced large amounts of organic acids during the decomposition process, on the one hand it can neutralize the alkaline soil, on the other hand it will accelerate the decomposition of nutrients, promote available nutrient transformation and improve the effectiveness of phosphorus. Therefore, increasing organic fertilizer application is an important measure to improve saline alkali soil and improve soil fertility.