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Active Humic Acid,what Exactly Is The Function?
Jun 29, 2017

Active humic acid is relative to non-reactive humic acid.In general, active humic acid is the humic acid with chemical reaction ability, that is H type humic acid (COOH, OH) or the presence of free carboxyl anions humic acid (COO-; -O- (Phenol)) ,the carboxyl group of the former contains exchangeable H ions, the latter contains monovalent cations (monovalent salt of humic acid). They can be exchanged with cations or organic ions of more than two ions, such as ion exchange, oxidation reduction, adsorption, complexation, chelation and cross-linking; But unreactive humic acid is almost always combined with high valence metal ions, various minerals and other organic inorganic compound, almost no reaction performance.


Five major effects

Keep digging, fertilizer and water conservation

Slow release and long-term stability

Promote root development

Make leaves thicker and dark green

Increase production and improve quality