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A Briefing On The Green Revolution Forum For Humic Acid -2nd Article
Aug 31, 2017


Mr. Geng Researcher, Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development, China Academy of Agriculture, said "bio-carbon", which has opened a new direction for the collection and conversion of organic waste into bio-humic acid and its recycling.

The Association of Humic Acid Quality Testing Center (Taiyuan) Professor Zhang Yaefeng clenched "Takako" (Construction of humic Acid technology system), called the industry to seize the opportunity, meet the challenges, strengthen basic research, further reveal the humic acid material chemistry and ecology, and life science relationship.

China humic Acid Industry Association president Hanlixin opened the "Eight humic Acid Green Revolution Action Program", joint humic acid people work together, to expect black humic acid (natural property) return to the soil original color, tell better humic acid (social properties) story, in order to promote ecological environment and economic sustainable development! 

Li Shuang, Deputy Secretary-General of China humic Acid Industry Association, has erected a banner to disseminate the "Chinese culture of Gold Wu", so that the green humanistic feelings of humic acid run through all aspects of the green revolution of humic acid, like catalysts, to accelerate the process of the ecological environment of humic acid in the United States.

Prof. Huangjianbin, School of Chemistry and Environmental engineering, China Mining University (Beijing) pushed the humic acid environmental materials to the foreground of the Green Revolution, which opened a development channel for the research and production of humic acid industry in the field of environmental new materials.