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A Briefing On The Green Revolution Forum For Humic Acid - 1ST Article
Aug 21, 2017


Zeng Xiancheng Honorary president of the "Humic Acid Green Revolution Forum", impromptu commented on the core points of 13 of the speaker, broaden all the audiences’ vision, made them extremely relaxed and pleasure.  

Vice president of China Humic Acid Industry Association, Director Li of Agricultural Quality Monitoring and Protection center of the Ministry of Agriculture said "compound soil" (promote organic matter). He pointed out that humic acid originated from nature, from the soil, with controlled carbon, fertility, improve fertilizer and water resources utilization efficiency, remediation of degraded soil pollution and other effects, improve and protect the quality of cultivated land

Environmental Planning Institute of Environmental Protection department Researcher Li said "soil management" (Soil 10 rules and soil treatment law). Humic acid, whether as a soil conditioner or fertilizer, also has the properties of soil and ensures the production and quality of agricultural products. 

China Institute of Plant Nutrition and fertilizer Chairman Mr. Bai told the relationship of “soil" (two nutritions theories), and said "humic acid organic-inorganic nutrition" paved the way for a great development.   

Researcher Liu, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said, "fat soil", trinity the mineral, organic matter humic acid and microbial, simulation of nature, Tao follows nature, repair nature, return to nature.

China humic Acid Industry Association honorary President Zeng Xiancheng with a "black" to solve thousands of worries (let black humic acid turned white fertilizer into black fertilizer also soil color), it has grasped the core of solving soil problem, building the harmony of "fertility" and improving ecological environment, and giving the simple truth by assembling large amount of data.  (To be continued)