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13 Factors Affecting The Effect Of Organic Fertilizer
Aug 24, 2017


According to market research, during the application process of organic fertilizer, many farmers said that organic fertilizer has no effect or has side effects. Mainly 13 factors affecting the effect of organic fertilizer are summed up for your reference!

1. Nutrients. Since the raw materials themselves are low in nutrients or because of fermentation process, some organic fertilizers are not qualified at nutrients when they are fermented out, plus some factories exist without labs while their products are poured into the market. Some enterprises detect the lack of nutrients, but are reluctant to make up this supplement. And even some other enterprises are running without fertilizer registration certificate and directly selling their items to users, which makes more difficult to supervise. 

2. PH value. The PH of raw material itself is different and also differs largely in the fermentation process. If this part cannot be well controlled, the ph will be above 8.5, or 5.5 below. Especially over acid products will cause the growth of crops slowly or death, and the alkali ones do small harm to the plants or crops as the soil is generally acid in the south area. 

3. The content Chlorine ion. Generally no one will tend to test chloride ion content, but some raw materials contain a lot of chlorine ions, leading to serious problems if these kinds of fertilizers are applied to chlorine-repellent crops. 

4. The content of salt. Generally speaking, salt-intolerant crops will appear yellow leaves, leave-falling, wilting, and even death if they are feed by high salt content of fertilizer.

5. Humic acid. The fresh raw materials almost do not contain humic acid. Humic acid produced in the process of fermentation, with high temperature (more than 50 ℃) is particularly obvious. The combination of humic acid with ammonium, potassium and sodium has the function of stimulating the growth of crops, improve the resistance of crops, promote production and germination. 

6. Heavy metals accumulate in plants, eventually concentrating on people through the food chain, causing harm to Human beings. Heavy metals also cause damage to crop growth. Because of expensive equipment, most enterprises are no equipment to detect heavy metals.


(To be continued)