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12 Factors Affecting The Effect Of Organic Fertilizer
Sep 01, 2017


7. Cation Exchange Capacity. In general, decomposed organic fertilizer with strong cation exchange capacity helps to keep the efficacy of fertilizer, enhance buffer action to ph value, the content of salt, finally maintaining good condition the soil. Oppositely, its cation exchange is pretty low without good command of acid-alkli effects on the soil, resulting in crop growth barriers.

8. Aliphatic acid with Small molecule. Low-grade aliphatic acid has side effects on seed germination and plant growth. This acid is easy to attract flies, which is relatively easy to observe, in general, small- molecule aliphatic acid exists in raw materials such as fresh chicken manure.

9. Microorganisms hazards. The temperature of compost keeping 50 ℃ above not less than 5 days helps to kill pathogens, bacteria, and worm eggs, to achieve harmless. But in fact, the temperature is not up to 50 ℃ or the time is too short within many production process due to the level of technology, so most of the Ascaris eggs, coliform bacteria and others have not  been killed, which affects the healthy growth of crops. 

10. Used as top dressing: organic fertilizer is used as topdressing, failed to cover the soil in time,  so it leaves only on the soil surface, which means the fertilizer cannot fully contact with the soil to improve soil fertility . Plus exposed under sun and rains, beneficial microorganisms cannot function well and nutrients will also be lost with water. Furthermore, the improper application fails to boost the buffering capacity of organic fertilizer, to loose soil to hold its water and make it airy, to maintain its fertility, heat, etc. Combining organic fertilizers with inorganic ones as basal fertilizer is the best, preferably mixed with soil, or at least organic fertilizer not exposed to soil surface, such as ditch application. 

11. Organic fertilizer has direct contact with crops:  Some users worry that the dose of fertilizer is not enough, or want to take effect as soon as possible. In this way, it will burn seedlings or seriously ruin trees. 

12. Fresh stool: Direct use of fresh feces containing a large number of bacteria and parasites, direct use can harm the crop roots and further affect seed germination, lead to breeding pests and diseases.