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What’s the benefits Of Organic Fertilizer?
Aug 09, 2017

Organic fertilizer contains many kinds of nutrients.Its abundant organic matter can improve microorganism’s activity and maintain a lasting fertilizer effect. Organic fertilizer not only can supply continuous plant growth nutrient needs, but also improve the condition of soil water, temperature and gases to promote soil maturation.

The included organic matter can improve soil physical and chemical properties significantly. It makes a better soil tillage ability, soil seepage ability, water storage ability, fertility holding ability and drought resistance. The superiority of organic fertilizer are irreplacable.


China has always been a famous agricultural country from ancient and has a long history of farming. China also has a long-term accumulation experience in fertilizer development field. Organic fertilizer always occupy an important position. In the past agricultural production, organic fertilizer play an important role.

Organic fertilizer make a large contribution to agricultural production.

It can improve the soil's accompanying fertility effect.

●It can improve soil quality and microbial reproduction.Beneficial microor ganismsin organic fertilizer can resist the multiplying of harmful germs. In that case, we can reduce the use of Pesticide. If we use organic fertilizer continuously, there will be less harmful organism and substance. A new non-polluted soil environment become possible.

●Organic fertilizer contains lots of nutrients, trace element, sugars and fats, which is essential for plant growth.

●Carbon dioxide released by organic nutrient can be used as a material for photosynthesis.

●Organic fertilizer can improve crops fight against disease, drought and floods.

●It can improve the safety and environmental protection of our food.

●It can reduce nutrient loss and improve fertilizer utilization. Crop yields will be greatly improved.

The advantages of organic fertilizer explained that it is irreplacable. Compared with fertilizer, organic fertilizer will be the biased one in the future. Organic fertilizer has a great contribution to Sustainable development of agriculture, because of its lower agricultural production costs and smaller environment pollution.

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