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What problems that must be solved to soil improvement?
Sep 13, 2017


1. Solving soil compaction

The application of chemical fertilizers, coupled with the high temperature and high humidity in the shed, will result in the destruction of the aggregate structure of the soil, the decrease of water retention ability and the poor permeability, which is not conducive to the growth of roots.

In order to solve soil compaction, organic fertilizers should be applied to make sure that organic matter should be more than 3%. 

2. Solving soil salinization

In chlorine-containing fertilizers, the combination of chlorine ions and sodium ions in the soil can form sodium salts, making it difficult for crops to absorb water. Even if the soil is moist, the condition of physiological drought can also result in soil compaction.

To prevent soil salinization, the chloride-containing and the sodium-containing fertilizers should be avoid, but to apply organic fertilizers. Meanwhile, cover the film to reduce the evaporation of water and to reduce the rising rate of salt.

3. Solving soil acidification

A large number of years of application of acid fertilizers containing sulfate root and hydrochloric acid will cause many heavy metals to be released under acidic conditions, causing root poisoning death.

To prevent soil acidification, the use of lime to adjust the ph value of the soil, and increase the application of calcium fertilizer.

Reproduced from: Agricultural technology

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