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The relationship between humic acid and soil fertility
Aug 02, 2017

For decades, more and more utilization of chemical fertilizer caused Soil fertility declined step by step. the core material of soil humic acid cannot meet the needs of plant growth. Scientists point that offering more industrial humic acid has a great significance for agricultural sustainable development.

What is the relationship between humic acid and soil fertility?

Humic acid:

* Humic Acid derived from soil.

* Humic acid is regards as a warehouse of edaphic nutrient operation. On the one hand, humic acid is the greatest organic matter of soil, it can offer effective nutrition and energy. On the other hand, humic acid maintain a balance between soil nutrient utilization and supplement through the interaction with edaphon and plant root system.

* industrial humic acid and soil humic acid has similar physical and chemical properties and molecular structure. It can supplement soil humic acid. So the soil life can be sustainability.


soil fertility:

* soil fertility means the ability of offering nutrient to plants.

* soil fertility can be divided into natural fertility, artificial fertility and economic fertility.

* soil fertility includes nutrient element, physical element, chemical element and biological element.

* In the process soil formation, organic matter, humic acid and soil fertility are inseparable. Humic acid run through the whole process of soil fertility formation, which is regard as the core material of soil organic matter.


Through the researching, we can find that humic acid and soil fertility are uniform organism. Humic acid can maintaining and coordinate the soil water, fertilizer, gas and heat situation. It can determine the type and activity of enzymes in the soil. It can also form and determine the degree of soil aging. During the formation of soil, organic matter are Important constituent ingredients, in addition to mineral. Soil humus is the most important form of soil organic matter, it can reach 80%. Humic acid is the most active component of soil humus, it can reach 75%. So humic acid are important for soil. On the other hand, without basics of soil, we can not say humic acid.

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