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The “One Belt, One Road” Initiative promotes agricultural cooperation between China and abroad
Jun 30, 2017


The Silk Road was an important channel for agricultural exchanges between China and West countries in the past. But nowadays, after“One Belt, One Road” initiative was proposed, the agricultural cooperation along the Silk Road countries is getting better in the three years, and agricultural cooperation is becoming an important driving force for the construction of the Silk Road economic zone. 


The 23nd China Agricultural Technology Fair, which took place at early days of last November in Yangling Demonstration Zone, Shaanxi province, has gathered agricultural officers, entrepreneurs and experts from Kazakhstan, Germany, Netherlands and many other countries. The attendees agreed that agricultural cooperation between countries along the Silk Road has been deepened through the Initiative. 


Under the initiative of Northwest A&F University, the Fair also witnessed the establishment of Agricultural Education & Technology Innovation Alliance, jointly established by 36 universities and 23 research institutes from 12 countries along the route. The Alliance plans to co-host Silk Road Agricultural Education Science and Technology Cooperation Forum on a regular basis to enhance agricultural cooperation.

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