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The necessity of mother liquid
Jul 03, 2017

Mother liquid is an intermediary liquid between solid fertilizer and directly-used fertilizer. Normally, when using to plant, people put the mother liquid into targeted container slowly and add enough water for certain dilution rate. Why do we need to make mother liquid before using solid fertilizer?

For most solid fertilizer, the dilution rates (fertilizer/water) are very small. We would like to make an example by GREENFERT® AlgaeGF. For foliar spray, the dilution rate with water is 1: 1500-3000. If we have 1ha plant to spray, we would need 300-900g AlgaeGF. Let’s use 300g fertilizer to continue the example. We are going to need 450-900Lwater to dilute it. There is no doubt that it would be very hard to stir evenly.

On the contrary, if we make it into a mother liquid with dilution of 100-200 times before using it, we just need to dilute it as a rate 1: 15. In this occasion, it would be easily stirred even with a small conditioner. 

Besides, some fertilizers like GF Fulvo, is easily to be sticky when got touched with the air, so it's hard to be stored. Mother Liquid would make it easier to store.


The complicate dilution steps make many clients preferring liquid fertilizers. Liquid fertilizers would not cause any sedimentation in water. Whats more, people could combine several kinds of liquid fertilizer together for its easy-dissolved property.

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