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The most common misuse of plant growth regulators
Jan 31, 2018

The most common misuse of plant growth regulators

Each plant growth regulator has its specific function, and the application technology requirements are very strict, It can produce specific effects on target plants only under specific conditions of application (including external factors).


But there are some misuse for plant growth regulators:

Firstly, replace "fertilizer" with "growth regulator"

Plant growth regulator can play its significant role only when there is sufficient water and fertilizer conditions. But the effect of some plant growth regulators have been exaggerated by some supplier, which resulting that some farmers use it as fertilizer.


Secondly, arbitrarily increase the use of dosage

Because plant growth regulator belongs to plant hormone, few product will be enough. But some farmers are afraid of the use of less than no effect, arbitrarily increase the dosage of plant growth regulators or using concentrations, so that not only can not promote plant growth, but it will make its growth is inhibited, serious and even lead to leaf deformity, dry off, the whole plant death.


Thirdly, mixed with other substances randomly

It is necessary to read the instructions carefully and test to determine whether plant growth regulators can be mixed with fertilizers, pesticides and other substances. However, many farmers mix growth regulators with fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and other substance at random wishing to prompt plant growth and prevent diseases.


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