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Organic Fertilizer PK Chemical Fertilizer
Jun 23, 2017

1、Organic fertilizer contains a lot of organic matter, with significant soil fertilization effect; Chemical fertilizer can only provide crop nutrients, long-term application will cause adverse effects on the soil, make the soil "more kind of greedy."

2、Organic fertilizer contains a variety of nutrients, which includes a comprehensive balance of nutrients; But chemical fertilizer just contains a single species nutrient, long-term application will easily lead soil and food to nutrient imbalance.

3、Organic fertilizer has a long fertilize effect ;But the fertilizer efficiency of  chemical fertilizer is short and strong ,which will easily cause nutrient loss and environmental pollution.

4、Organic fertilizer is derived from natural source, which does not have any chemical synthesis in the fertilizer, which can improve the quality of agricultural products for long-term application; But chemical fertilizers are pure chemical synthesis substances, improper application will debase the quality of agricultural products.

5、After a sufficient decomposed treatment in the production and processing process ,organic fertilizer can improve crop drought, disease resistance, insect resistance, reduce the usage amount of pesticides after application; long-term application of chemical fertilizer could easily increase the harmful substances in food. Due to the reduced immunity of plants, a large number of chemical pesticides are required to maintain crop growth.

6、Organic fertilizer contains a large number of beneficial microorganisms, which can promote the process of biotransformation in soil, and is beneficial to the improvement of soil fertility; long-term application of chemical fertilizer can inhibit the activities of soil microbes, resulting in the decrease of soil self-regulation ability.

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