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Organic fertilizer can be used for top application?
Aug 16, 2017

Top application is a fertilizing method, which can supply immediate nutrients in different stage during the plant growth and development.

In the development of agricultural, organic fertilizer not only is an ideal base fertilizer,but also is a top application. It can offer many kinds of nutrient during crop growth.

Organic fertilizer has two methods to be used as top application.  

1. Soil application. You can put it into shallow level soil. Because the temperature, moisture and breath ability may be broken, if you put it in a deep level. Generally speaking, organic fertilizer are used around the dense roots and put soil on it. In that case, the nutrients won’t be volatilized.

2. Root external part application. Mixing organic fertilizer and water with the ratio of 1:10 and putting it aside , until the facial liquid becomes clear, then drop it into sprayer. The solution is uniformly sprayed on the front and back sides of the crop leaves to absorb nutrient.



1. Organic fertilizer should be used after decomposition. Because organic fertilizer are derived from biological matter, animal and plant waste, plant residue processing. All these substances always carry bacteria and other harmful substances, if it was directly used into soil, it may has a bad effect on plant growth. We should use it, when accumulated fermentation and decomposition finished.

2. quantity control. Organic fertilizer contains many kinds of nutrients, but all these nutrients has a very low quantity, so we must use a lot of organic fertilizer to fulfill nutrients needs of plant growth, but we can not say the more organic fertilizer we use, the better it will be. It’s 1500-2000kg/acre for normal farmland.

3. Matching the organic fertilizer and fertilizer together. Organic fertilizer has thorough nutrients, but it will be insufficient supply during plant growth peak period. Fertilizer can easily dissolved and be absorbed, but it has a short stamina. We can meet all the crop’s nutrients needs through matching the organic fertilizer and fertilizer together.

4. Matching with biological bacteria fertilizer. Biological bacteria can accelerate solution of organic matter and transfer the included Harmful Substance. As top application, 20-25kg/acre fertilizer are appropriate to match with organic fertilizer.

5. Use high quality organic fertilizer. A lot of nitrogen and potassium are needed during plant growth. Normal organic fertilizer did not have such a high content of nitrogen and potassium. In order to guarantee the supply of nutrient, its essential to select high quality organic fertilizer.

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