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Let the world share the achievement of humic acid agriculture from China
Jun 28, 2017

The National Agricultural Technology Center website announced a news report titled “Soil And Fertilizer Integrated Management Utilization Seminar Graduation In Developing Countries ”on May 2nd,2017.


According to the report ,during Mar 29th to Apr 27th,Soil And Fertilizer Integrated Management Utilization Seminar In Developing Countries In 2017”, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and organized by the National Agricultural Technology Center, was hold in Beijing. Around twenty-nine agricultural officials and professional technical personnel from four countries participated in the training, including Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Sudan and Ghana.


The seminar was conducted by combination of expert lectures, on-site teaching, student discussion and study tours."Humic acid application" has become one of the topics of training.This shows that for soil,fertilizer and ecological environment, humic acid has become the foucus to sustain the development of agriculture in China and the world .


At present ,We have achieved remarkable results in repairing soil, optimizing fertilizers, improving the ecological environment by using

humic acid.We believe that no matter which kind of training form,the achievement of humic acid agriculture from China will certainly be made due contributions to the agricultural development of both China and the world.

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