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The Green Revolution of soil fertilizers can hardly do without Humic Acid
Jun 27, 2017

The key to the soil and fertilizer revolution lies in the harmony of soil and fertilizer. Humic acid is not only the ecological factor of "soil and fertilizer harmony", but also the bridge and ties between "soil, fertilizer and crop".


As early as the 1950s, Professor Chen Enfeng, a famous Chinese soil scientist, stressed that "organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers must be used in combination." He believes that the different organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers are different and difficult to replace of each other. Organic fertilizer, there is no large amount of chemical nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, it is impossible to improve soil fertility in a real sense, and increase ultimately promote crop yield. At present, our state vigorously develop "organic fertilizer alternative action", the so-called "alternative" refers to the part of the alternative, is the combination of organic and inorganic, rather than purely replaced. In this regard, we especially pointed out that the existing crop straw, livestock and poultry manure, municipal solid waste and industrial and agricultural production of waste conversion of organic fertilizer, by the technology, production costs, safety and other conditions of the restrictions, there are heavy metals, Insects and harmful bacteria, radioactive substances seriously excessive risk, need to be used with caution. We emphasize that organic matter may not humic acid, but humic acid must be the best organic matter. In this sense, the safety of organic matter, especially the industrial extraction of humic acid organic matter to optimize fertilizer, improve soil fertility with an important role in terms of healthy growth of crops.


China has large soil area, a wide range of farming and complexity of farming. With both the temperate zone and the tropical zone; the moist zone and the arid zone; And the natural soil and the large area of man-made soil; coupled with the differences in farming methods, crop species and other factors, drew higher demand in the fertilizer. At present, China has 7% of soil barriers, 3.492 billion mu of arable land is contaminated, based on the soil itself, soil and fertilizer is the most important. It is known that humic acid itself is an excellent organism and has an important role in maintaining and enhancing soil fertility. 60 years of scientific research and production practice has proved that industrial extraction of coal humic acid and soil humic acid have similar physical properties, chemical composition, molecular structure and molecular weight range, have a consistent application characteristics for the soil secure matched. Humic acid is rich in active groups, large molecular weight range, large differences in raw material sources, combined with fertilizers to create favorable conditions, can be developed to meet the different regions, different soils, different crops and crops at different growth stages of nutrient demand Functional fertilizer and its derivative products, to achieve soil by soil, fertilizer to promote fertilizer, regulate crop growth.


After decades of research and practice, by way of the "natural use of natural feeding" which fully proved that "humic acid is the core of raising soil, is the best partner of improving quality and efficiency of fertilizer. is the regulation of crop nutrition Treasures "of the scientific thesis. In the new period, in order to carry out the green revolution of soil and fertilizer, it is necessary to pay attention to the soil, not only concerned about the fertilizer, but also concerned about the healthy growth of crops, that is the point of humic acid its own revolution. 

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