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How to make the earthworms more in the soil and improve the soil?
Jul 11, 2018

Crop fertilization has always relied mainly on chemical fertilizers. Due to our long-term emphasis on increasing the yield per unit area of crops and the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the living environment of earthworms in soil is destroyed and earthworms are reduced or extinct. Earthworm reduction represents shallow soil and soil degradation.


According to the living habits of earthworms, only the soil organic matter content is high, earthworms can survive and reproduce, and earthworms can further improve the soil, promote the formation of soil pellet structure, improve the permeability of soil, and improve the soil fertility level. There are not so many earthworms in some places, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides are the main causes, and the more critical is the low content of soil organic matter, which is not suitable for the survival and reproduction of earthworms. If earthworms are few, soil improvement is not guaranteed. Of course, it is unrealistic to think about raising the soil organic matter content to a higher level at a time, and it is necessary to gradually improve the soil step by step. But How to make the earthworms more in the soil and improve the soil?

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1. Crop straw returning to field

The decomposition of crop straw in soil can improve the content of soil organic matter and reduce soil salt damage. It is recommended to break the straw and use 1500-2000 kg per mu. After deep-turning and mixing with the soil, it is combined with the high-temperature shack in summer. The effect is ideal.


2. Application of organic fertilizer

The organic matter content of organic fertilizer is very high. In the soil, it has obvious effect on improving the loam soil, and also has the function of resisting stubble and reducing salt.


3. Application of biological microbial fertilizer

The addition of bio bacterial fertilizer can improve the content of beneficial bacteria in soil, maintain the balance of soil microecology, improve soil and improve soil fertility.

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