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How does fulvic acid improve soil?
Jun 28, 2018

1 .Improved soil pellet structure.

Fulvic acid is a humus substance that affects the properties of soil and promotes the formation of a more stable granule structure in the soil. It increases the content of granules in the soil by 10-20%, increases the content of organic matter by 10%, keeps the soil moisture, and increases aeration. It is conducive to the growth of crops.

2. Increase soil water retention.

Fulvic acid is a hydrophilic colloid with strong water absorption.

3. Increase soil fertility.

Fulvic acid itself is an organic acid that provides soil nutrients and increases nutrient availability through complexation.

4. Adjust the pH of the soil solution.

Fulvic acid and Humic acid are interconverted to form a buffer system that regulates the pH of the soil solution.

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