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Can foliar spraying mix with pesticide?
Aug 23, 2017

Foliar spraying can be mixed with pesticide. But we must pay attention to the following points to ensure its efficiency. Otherwise ,it may lead a counteractive and frequent medical and manurial disease.

1. If we do not know whether the two medicaments together, we can use use it just for a small scale as a test. If there is no medical and manurial disease, we can ensure it’s a safe way, then this method should be widely used.

2. We’d better obey definite sequence in the meantime. Generally speaking, the sequence is foliar spraying, wettable powder, suspending agent, water aqua and missible oil.

Pls note: before we add another medicament, it should be thinned with water, then put it into bucket. This sequence are unable reversed.

3. We should pay attention to the water quantity. Turbid water can not be adopted, if you use well water or river water, please ensure the water has been deposited and its clean.


4. The following condition can not be mixed. Otherwise, It may lead medical and manurial disease.

* Alkaline pesticide can not be mixed with ammonium nitrogen fertilizer, calcium phosphate and some other chemical fertilizer.

* Pesticide with gentry contained, can not be mixed with sylvite, barium chemical fertilizer and something else.

* Alkaline fertilizer ammonium hydroxide, lime and plant ash can not be mixed with pesticide.

* Chemical fertilizer can not be mixed with microbial pesticide.

Every coin has two sides, so mix foliar spraying and pesticide  together. If you can control the condition, it can help you save a lot of time and strength. If not, it may cause a series medical and manurial disease. You get it?

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