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Bio-stimulants——The Gospel Of Organic Agriculture
Jun 23, 2017

In recent years, as the represent of bio-stimulants products, humic acid ,seaweed extract, amino acid ,chitin and fish protein are gradually moving towards China from Europe and America countries, and getting maturing in domestic promotion and application. They have already been recognized and accepted by more and more growers.The data shows that the market for bio-stimulants are moving fast at a rate of more than 10% per year,such products have attracted the attention of the international agrochemical industry giants, and have became the Agricultural Blue Ocean which has been competing layout by the domestic agricultural production enterprises.Recently ,2017 International bio-stimulant and Fertilizer Synergy (Value Added) Application Forum was held in Shanghai by both China Bio-stimulant Development Alliance and China CCPIT Chemical branch.Participating experts and scholars, entrepreneurs who discussed the topic focusing on all aspects of bio-stimulants.

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