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Amazing amino acid fertilizer
Aug 30, 2017

1. Plant source and animal source amino acid.

Plant can synthesize many kinds of needed amino acid. However with the influence of deteriorated soil environment, bad climate, Pests and diseases, some kind of amino acid synthesizer were limited. so we have to add nutrients to improve plant growth condition through foliar spray or root irrigation, that’s why we use amino acid biostimulants. 

(1) Plant source amino acid is derived from soybean, wheat, oat and corn. 

(2) Animal source amino acid has a widely source, source list: duck feather and some other feather, silkworm chrysalis, blood of animal and animal haslet and something else.


2.Amino acid production process.

Amino acid productive method contains chemical synthesis, enzymic production, hydrolysis and microorganism fermentation. At present, enzymic production and hydrolysis are popular used for agricultural. 

Hydrolys is always adopt chlorane, sulphuric acid or caustic soda to react. This kind of method has a low production cost and easy process. But the basic amino acid structure was broken, also it has a high content of sodium ion and Chloride. 

Enzymic production can keep the basic structure, so it can hold more nutrients for plant growth and has a low content of harmful substance. This kind of biostimulants are regard as the most suitable agricultural nutrients. 

A strong function of amino acid biostimulants not only cantain amino acid, but also hold functional bioactivators, so the amino acid can play a more important role.

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